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What can parents do to stimulate children's brain development and improve their intelligence?

Release date:2022-07-19
As parents, one of our utmost desires is to have our children grew up educated, however, what can do to achieve that?

Have a stable environment

Studies have shown that children who grow up in extreme environments have severely delayed brain development. Of course, neglect and beatings are just one type of bad stimulus in early childhood. Parents often quarrel over trivial matters, resulting in a sensitive and vulnerable family atmosphere; persistent negative words make children lack self-identity; heavy metals such as lead, mercury, or other harmful substances in the living environment will inhibit the development of children's brains.

Have quality companionship

We know that a child's brain nervous system needs constant stimulation in order to develop and mature better. Professor Hong Lan, director of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at Taiwan's Central University, proposed three methods to stimulate the development of children's brains: exercise, reading and games.。

1、Sports training experience, outdoor activities make children smarter 

Exercise stimulates the secretion of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and epinephrine, which are key to making neural connections. 


Reading is the fastest way to absorb information, because eyes can read 668 words a minute, and speaking can say 250 words a minute, reading is 3 times faster than speaking.

Reading will "change" the structure of the brain. During the process of thinking, the neurons in the brain are constantly establishing connections, which is equivalent to a high-speed central processing unit.

When a child is young, he may not understand the content of the book, but the mother's voice is the most high-quality stimulation. After growing up and understanding stories, intimate parent-child reading can make children calm down quickly and expand their brain development indefinitely


For children's brain development, creative games, such as origami, building blocks, kneading plasticine, are more effective than video games. Play more games with children to exercise creativity and imagination, so that children can use their brains more. Moreover, children who grow up in the interaction between people can better appreciate the vitality and will not be so obsessed with video games when they grow up.